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Second closed alpha tests has started
29 August 2022

The second closed alpha test has started today and will last for about 2 weeks. We will focus on essential core game elements taking into account that the dungeons are already running under server authority.

Available game content:

  • start and build dungeons in the dungeon editor
  • 3 hero archetype builds (mage, archer, melee) with 4 special skill sets - switching weapons in inventory does automatically change the skills (in Tormentis skills are bound to the weapons)
  • verify and play your own dungeon (without loot)
  • 3 prepared dungeons where you can collect loot by picking up pouches. Pouches can be dropped when monster dies.
  • skills and stats to play with
  • blacksmith to sell or salvage items into crafting materials
  • boss and elite monsters with skills

Our goal is to get enough feedback to prepare a public demo after the second closed alpha test. After the test will be a very detailed follow up on the test results

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