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DevLog 9 - Multi-level dungeons and hero equipment
28 August 2021

Thanks for this awesome feedback on Reddit, Twitter and via email on the Inventory. There were so many great ideas and remarks we have put on our list to improve what is already there.

The last two weeks we focused on the dungeon map editor and hero equipment. More than 300 models for legendary items and item sets have been already configured.

The dungeon map editor is now fully capable of multi-level dungeon. There will be rooms with stairs to build upwards or downwards. There will rooms with e.g. balconies which can be used tactically to place ranged combat monsters on or just put traps onto to let other players run into.

Next step is the verification process that users have to pass their own level once to make it publically available and to activate the stashes. Users have to place stashes into their dungeon which will generate gold coins by time (when the dungeon is publicly available). Other players can loot portions of the gold when playing the dungeon.

Ideas or comments are always welcome!

Kind regards,