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DevLog 8 - Revised Inventory - worn equipment shown on hero
15 August 2021

At the end of June I had already presented my game idea and the first prototypes for the map editor, auction house, skill tree etc. and asked for your opinion in order to advance my project. As I am a solo developer, I am always happy to receive ideas and advice from other players that complement my own thoughts and help me avoid mistakes and design my projects in the interests of the players.

So thank you for all the feedback I have received so far!

I took the feedback as an opportunity to take a closer look at how the buttons and fonts etc. and colors of the surfaces should look.

Here you can see the revised inventory. I have revised the background colors of the fields in which the armor items are displayed and also designed the first drafts of the later armor.

In order to properly adapt the objects here and, for example, to coordinate the color of the sets, I designed one editor that makes my work easier here. The hero in the inventory now also changes clothes according to the items that have been put on.

How do you like the color of the background (blue / gray)?

How do you like the font? Is it big enough and easy to read?

How do the frames, buttons and buttons affect you?

Now that I want to start designing the items that will be found in the game, your feedback is also important to me.

Are there colors that should be avoided or absolutely be used in items in the game?

Are there color combinations that you find particularly appealing?

Do you have any ideas for set items? Should a set consist of all armor pieces or should there also be sets that only consist of 3 or 4 pieces? In what way would you wish for set bonuses to come about? Does it make sense if there are bonuses that are already unlocked when you wear part of the set or do you find it better if there is a "big" set bonus that is only available when you have all the set parts?

Further ideas or comments that have nothing to do with my questions are also welcome!