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DevLog 7 - Item Designer - a new tool to configure how items will look at a hero
12 August 2021

First of all, thanks for your feedback on the latest dev log showing the first gameplay preview. I am very happy you like the way the project is developing.


In the last few days I have started to graphically revise the inventory and added the modular hero, which allows me to show the worn armor on the character model itself.


It quickly became clear that a tool is required to configure the equipment being worn. Even if it won't be part of the game, I don't want to withhold the item editor tool from you which is the topic of this devlog video.


I know tools aren't that interesting. But it shows how many options we now have to customize the hero via equipment!


If you have any wishes on epic items and their story or what they should have as a special ability please send me your ideas. Thanks in advance :-)