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DevLog 6 - First gameplay preview testing room connections, animations, enemy AI
02 August 2021

Time for a new devlog, the last two weeks of work on the project focused on 3D. After the first real room was ready in the map editor, I used that to test the movements between connected rooms.

The control of the hero has been extended in such a way that it can now be carried out via a touch joystick, controller or mouse. This simplifies future ports to other platforms and also makes testing a lot easier.

A small challenge was to find a high-performance solution for aiming so that the hero targets the opponent who is closest to the hero's line of sight (taking into account the attack range).

The first round trip is ready. The hero can be controlled, perform standard attacks, aim correctly at targets. The enemy moves sensibly, reacts when entering the aggro range, carries out attacks and dies.

I look forward to every feedback!