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DevLog 5 - Revised prototype of the Dungeon Editor
17 July 2021

After working on the game concept for the past few months, I started prototyping several game features. In the last few weeks I asked you for your opinion on the first drafts of the map editor, auction house, inventory and skill tree. Thank you for all of the feedback I received, it helped me a lot with some decisions!

I have used the feedback as an opportunity to take a closer look at how the buttons and fonts etc. should look in the last two weeks. You can see the first result here.

The font has been adjusted. The surfaces and control elements now also have a dark dungeon style. I decided on a petrol-colored surface.

How do you like the style?

I have tried to incorporate many of the numerous ideas and comments that have come to me in various ways. In the map editor you can select in the menu above whether you want to build rooms, monsters, traps or decorative objects into the dungeon. The selection is displayed on the left. For example, by selecting a monster, the detailed view is displayed in a right-hand window. Here it is also possible to change optics, level the monster, determine its skills and much more.

The left menu takes you to the shop. Here you can buy more monsters, traps, rooms and decorative items and then add them to your own dungeon. In this demo only a tiny selection is shown (which I need for programming). There will of course be dozens of different rooms, furnishings, traps and monsters in the final version.

Since there were always questions during the last feedback, I would like to say a few sentences about the planned monetization. Like all my games, the game will be free and fully playable and will only contain voluntary promotional videos in certain places. The rewards will not be game-changing. IAPs will only exist in the field of optics. There will be a currency to change the appearance of traps or enemies - but not their abilities! Additional decorative items are also available. 

I am looking forward to your feedback!