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DevLog 31, working towards the Closed-Alpha-1 test
05 February 2022

This is already my 31st devlog and I’m really proud of the current state. I’m working towards the first closed alpha test and there are lots of things to do and prepare. To give you some examples…


Created a login screen which executes a list of activities like loading base data, loading translations, contacting the status server, showing a message if there is a planned or ongoing maintenance.


Created a server status provider which can be contacted by the game to ask for planned or ongoing maintenance. This is one functionality where my other game Heroes and Merchants will benefit from as well :-)


Set up the Closed-Alpha-1 server environment, adjusted the scripts to auto create test users for the test.


Fixed minor bug fixes in the map editor where you could connect rooms in a circle where rooms overlay. Buttons could be pressed while tiles are in moving mode. 


And lots of other small things … ;-)

About Closed-Alpha-1 test

We will invite a small group of testers into Closed-Alpha-1 to further test and analyze usability of the dungeon editor and gameplay. The testers will start in the dungeon editor and will be able to build their own dungeon. Drafts can be saved and modified and they’ll be able to play their draft with a prepared hero. 

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