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DevLog 3 - First prototype of the Auction House
26 June 2021

After working on the game concept for the past few months, I started prototyping several game features. At the beginning of the month I asked you for your opinion on my game idea and the first draft of the map editor and inventory. Thank you for all of the feedback I received, it helped me a lot with some decisions!

Today I want to show you my first draft of the auction house, where players will be able to trade items and equipment with fellow players.

In the search area, you can look for certain types of items as well as bonuses on equipment. Furthermore, you can sort on duration, current bid and buyout value (ascending and descending). Do you think it is also necessary to have an option to filter for items having a buyout option?

I've set the maximum amount of having 10 auctions in parallel. Is this amount enough? Current auctions that you are bidding on are displayed in a separate menu. There is no limit to the number of auctions you can bid on. Would you also like to receive push notifications at when someone outbids you?

When it came to the inventory, some values of the item stats where difficult to read. I've already changed font color here. Can you read the item text better now?

How do you like the current choice of colors and layout? (the item icons are still placeholders and will be replaced soon)

Thank you for your feedback.

Important topics and comments I take from the feedback ...

  • make sure the auction house fits into the game economy
  • carefully design loot system
  • extension possibilities: team-play with friends against elite / raidboss dungeons
  • extension possibilities: player vs player duels