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DevLog 20 - hero UI complete incl. stats, traits, skills and inventory
13 November 2021

In the past two weeks I have been working intensively to finish the hero UI. I would be very happy to receive your feedback on how you like the layout, whether the fonts and buttons are large enough and whether the structure of the menu is intuitive to use in your eyes.

** Stats **

I've worked on a stats/passive skill tree before but it is very complex to adjust and balance all those routes. So for first I've implemented a stats and traits system which is much easier to balance and to combine with all those skills and special abilities on legendary equipment.

Stats points can be earned by leveling up. You can spend them in the 4 stats (strength, dexterity, intelligence and vitality) as you like.

There is a total of 16 hero traits (passive skills) to choose from, which can be changed at any time and thus adapted to a new style of play.

** Skills **

As the game will have a class-free hero the equipment (mainly weapon and shield) determine the available skills. I've separated the skills into six categories to make it easier to find them.

In the video you see the selection for strength-based melee weapons. The available skills will differ when using e.g. daggers, wands, 2 handed weapons, bows, staffs, ...

** Inventory **

Finally you can see the inventory. The equipment that you put on is worn by the hero. Nearly every piece of equipment will be visible on your hero. Equipment can be changed by drag&drop and double tap. I've added a touch animation to make it more visible.

There are three different armor pieces in the video. Cloth armor is more suitable for magicians (providing an absorb shield which automatically recharges). Leather armor is better for ranged fighters (increasing their dodge change). Heavy armor is the best choice for melee heroes (providing armor which reduces incoming physical damage). But you can mix all these armors as you like.

How do you like it so far? Is the menu intuitive enough? Do you have any suggestions or is something missing?

I am very grateful for your feedback.

Kind regards,


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