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DevLog 2 - First prototype of the Inventory System
11 June 2021

After working the last months on the game concept I’ve started prototyping several game functionalities.

Last week I asked you for your opinion on my game idea. Thank you for all the feedback that I received, it helped me a lot on some decisions!

Today I want to show you my first draft of the inventory. I have tested several background colors but personally I like the gray-blue best. What do you think? Which color would you prefer and why?

The inventory will be divided into three areas:

In the left area I want to show the avatar. He doesn't currently have the movement animation that he will have later in the game. It is planned that all items that he wears will also be displayed on the avatar. I have not yet implemented this functionality in the current state.

How far do you think such an avatar should be customizable? What do you value (e.g. hair color, gender, skin color, beard, ...)?

In the right area you can see the actual inventory, which, according to my planning, consists of 7 pages with 24 slots each. For raw materials and gemstones you will need about 1 to 1.5 pages later. The items shown there do not yet correspond to those of the later game.

What do you think: is the capacity enough to store valuable equipment?

The selected item is shown in the middle area. Here you can see all the detailed information about the item, attach it to the avatar or sell it. In your opinion, is this presentation clear enough or do you have any suggestions?

As you can see in the video items can be equipped by dragging them into the inventory. Do you think this is enough or should there be a quick equip /unequip functionality like a double tap?

In order to trade an item with fellow players, you have to select this item in the auction house. I think this function should not be possible via the inventory in order to prevent incorrect clicks. In addition, another button would clutter the menu in my opinion. Do you think this consideration makes sense?

Thank you for your feedback.

Important topics and comments I take from the feedback ...

  • double-tap to quick equip/unequip will be added
  • reduce client-server traffic to not mess game sync
  • improve text visibilty / adjusting colors
  • quick power comparison with current equipment
  • usability check on icon sizes