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DevLog 17 - the exciting moment when the loot is revealed
23 October 2021

Thanks for the great feedback I've received so far on Reddit, via email, and on Discord. I was able to implement some of your great ideas and comments in my project.

I've been looking at the end of a dungeon since my last post. When your hero has passed the dungeon and reaches the great treasure room, you will see arrows on the ground guiding the player to move towards it. As soon as the hero approaches the arrows the game takes over control.

The hero now automatically enters the great treasure room and stands in front of the treasure chest. Fireworks appear and the loot bags collected in the dungeon open one after the other in an animation for which I programmed special particle effects. Then you can see what you have collected in the dungeon. How do you like this animation? Would you like more details about the items found or is it enough if you can then look at them in the inventory afterwards?

The brightness setting shown here is just one of several setting modes. You can set the central point around the hero and the environment separately. You can see the PC control in the video here, of course there are also a mobile phone controls. I've also implemented control assignment functions that provide basic controller support already.

The basic data for skills are taking shape. I plan to incorporate nearly 100 different active playable skills at the end that will be unlocked depending on the weapon equipped. Do you like more subtle or brighter weapon and attack effects?

As questions about monetization have been asked very often, I want to make it clear once again that there will only be IAPs for visual improvements that do not affect the gameplay at all. There will be NO other IAPs in the game, just voluntary ads for small rewards that are not relevant to game progression.

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