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DevLog 15 - elite and boss monsters added, new rooms and hero equipment
09 October 2021

Thanks for the great feedback in the past on Reddit, by email and on Discord. There were so many great ideas and comments that I have already implemented.

After my last post I tried to implement the comments regarding the lighting. Here I have darkened the surroundings more and only the center is illuminated more intensely. There will also be the option of setting the lighting. This current brightness settings is the max... so it can be configured darker if desired. How do you like the lighting now?

I have increasingly dealt with the adding further rooms and opponents. You can already see an elite opponent (Medusa) and a boss opponent (Dark Warrior). I plan to add an aura to these that would make them easier to identify in the crowd. The elite opponents should be salmon-colored, the bosses should glow red. What do you think about this idea?

The basic data for skills are taking on more and more shape. I plan to incorporate almost 100 different active playable skills that will be unlocked depending on the weapon equipped. Do you like more subtle or brighter weapon and attack effects?

This time you see the PC controls in the video (just in case someone is wondering). I've already implemented control assignment functionality which give basic controller support.

In addition, chests can now also be opened in the dungeon. Defeated opponents can lose bags with rewards that can be collected and opened after completing the dungeon. Is the lighting up noticeable enough for a dropped bag or should I make it even stronger?

Finally, I added more dungeon furnishings. They can be bought for gold that can be earned while playing. Only special decoration objects (e.g. particularly beautiful banners) are available for Optics IAPs. Since questions about monetization have been asked very often, I want to make it clear again that there will only be IAPs for visual enhancements that do not affect the gameplay at all. There will be NO other IAPs in the game, just voluntary ads for small rewards that are not relevant to progression.

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