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DevLog 13 - revised UI, new rooms, arrow trap and furnishings
25 September 2021

Last week was a great week for Tormentis, lots of tasks have been done. I've added the new arrow hole trap which can be placed on walls, added new rooms to the gameplay and added the first 20+ furnishings which can be placed via the map editor in the dungeon.The UI has been completely revised (you can see the mobile UI version in the video) and the life bar has received some visual feedback when the hero receives damage.

Regarding the visual feedback I am unsure if it is okay now or maybe too much. What you see is when receiving damage: the bars shake, the life bar is highlighted and the life decrease is shown in a quick animation. Or could they be too distracting from the gameplay?

The question arose whether the camera view / zoom can be changed to see more details oft he dungeon. Here I plan to have two additional camera options:
- a camera view which is closer to the hero
- a camera view which gets closer to the hero when not moving and zooming out again when starting to move

The skill icons have now been added in the lower right corner. Is this the position you could imagine to play with? The touch joystick for movement will appear in the left area whereever you start to touch the screen.

As mentioned above the first dungeon furnishings have been added. They can be purchased for gold, which can be earned while playing. Only special decorative objects (e.g. special beautiful banners) are available for Optics iAPs. Since questions about monetization have been asked quite often, I would like to make it clear once again that there will only be IAPs for optical improvements which do not affect gameplay at all. There will be NO other IAPs in the game, only voluntary ads for small rewards that are not relevant for progressing.

How does the lighting affect you? Are you comfortable with current lightning setting? Additional light sources (e.g. through wall torches, chandeliers, etc.) can optionally be placed as decorative objects in the dungeon.

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