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DevLog 11 - Dungeon draft verification
11 September 2021

The last week I worked on the scene lightning and finished a lot of functional components. The stats container, holding all hero and monster stats and values including the life/mana/absorb regeneration works very well now. The event sound system has been added too which can already support onHit and onDie sound effects. The animation controller is now configurable to add perfectly timed attack sounds to each attack. At the moment the attacks are random but this will change in the future playing series of default attacks which fit together.

In the upper left corner there are currently is a life and energy bar. The white line inside the lifebar is an absorb shield which quickly regenerated but takes to while until regenation starts. Energy which will be consumed by skills and spells.

The absorb-shield is a trait on armor for heroes focussing on intelligence. Furthermore, there will be armor (which reduces damage) and evasion (increases chance to fully evade damage) on equipment as properties for more strength- or dexterity-oriented heroes.

I'm not sure yet where and how to show life and energy in the UI. Should they be found as is as bars top left or should they be displayed as globes (like in Diablo) center-bottom,or completely different? Do you have any suggestions? What would you prefer?

I also think about the controls on mobile devices. There would be two possibilites for controls on mobile: the move to touched position or a mobile-joystick to control movement direction. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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All ideas or comments are very welcome!

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