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DevLog 1 - First prototype of the Dungeon Editor
05 June 2021

After working the last months on the game concept I’ve started prototyping several game functionalities.

Here you can see the first prototype of the dungeon editor where you can construct your own dungeon (icons, buttons and room designs are currently just for testing).

The game content will be building and improving your own dungeon (rooms, monsters, traps and furnishings) and trying to survive other player’s dungeons with your hero. The hero will be controlled via 3rd person perspective.

I am planning to have a class-free system where you can set the focus of your hero by choosing the equipment, stats and skills.

What do you think about the game idea? What suggestions do you have? In your opinion, what should not be missing in such a game concept?

I am glad about every feedback!

Important topics and comments I take from the feedback ...

  • check other games with similar game concepts like Dungeon Maker 1 + 2
  • unlock certain monsters (bosses) through story, achievements, etc
  • concider auto-generated dungeons which do not require user-generated content
  • improving UI before publishing prototypes :D