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First prototype of the Stats & Passive Skill Tree
03 July 2021

After working on the game concept for the past few months, I started prototyping several game features. Last month I asked you for your opinion on my game idea and the first draft of the map editor, auction house and inventory. Thank you for all of the feedback I received, it helped me a lot with some decisions!

I have taken the information about the interfaces as an opportunity to deal in more detail with how the buttons and fonts, etc. should look. I'll introduce that to you in a later post.

Today I would like to show you my first draft of the Stats & Passive Skill Tree, in which players can distribute the points acquired through level-up. How do you like the icons? Can you tell from the picture what should be improved here?

The skill tree essentially determines the direction in which the hero is developed. As I reported in my first post, I am planning a hero-class-free system. In the skill tree you can decide whether (starting from the middle) you want to improve your hero in terms of strength, dexterity or intelligence. Numerous interconnections make it easy to move freely within the attributes and the intermediate areas.

There are currently 50 levels planned. For each level-up, the player receives three points for his hero to distribute them within the tree. A total of over 550 points have been built into the skill tree so far. There are small (normal) and large points for the base values. The big dots have a slightly higher bonus. The attributes built into the tree, apart from the passive skills, can also be increased via bonuses on the equipment (e.g. critical chance on a ring or armor on a shield) and socketed stones, so that the values ​​of a hero in a certain direction can be improved.

If you have awarded points in the skill tree and want to cancel them again, this will also be possible without having to reassign all of the points. It will be possible to dismantle individual points individually.

The following can be found in the skill tree:

Strength, Intelligence, Skill, Life Points, Life Regeneration, Life Steal, Life on Hit, Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Resistance to Critical Strikes, Armor, Movement Speed ​​and Resist-All.

I am also considering adding energy (necessary for the use of special active skills) to skill tree. Here I was thinking of increasing the maximum energy and increasing the energy regeneration per second. Since there will also be cooldowns, do you think I should also include a cooldown reduction?

What other things can you think of that, in your opinion, absolutely belong in a skill tree?

The silver-gray points are passive hero skills that work in the background. There are currently 15 passive skills planned in the skill tree, which are positioned in such a way that they match the type of hero that has been improved in the direction of this area.

As an example: In the field of intelligence there is the "glass cannon", through which damage noticeably increases, but in return the hero's armor is significantly reduced. In the area of ​​skill / strength there is the "quick rescuer", which increases the running speed as soon as the hero's life points fall below a certain percentage level. But there are also passive skills planned that reduce the damage of traps that are placed within x meters of the hero or skills that increase the damage when there are x meters between the hero and the enemy.

I think I've already found some cool skills, but I would be happy if you still have ideas as to which skills would fit strength, strength / dexterity, dexterity, dexterity / intelligence, intelligence, intelligence / strength and, in your opinion, all in one Skilltree shouldn't be missing.

I am looking forward to your feedback!