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Tormentis - Dungeon ARPG

The special thing about this game will be that each player can design their own dungeon from rooms, monsters, traps and countless furnishings individually and in a challenging manner. In a class-free system, you can determine the focus of your hero through a huge stats / skill tree. On the hunt for the perfect item, it will also be helpful to take a look at the auction house, where you can trade with other players.

After working the last months on the game concept the development has started in May. Some prototypes have already been built and revised to make sure major game functionality works as expected.

Dev logs are published on a regular base and can be read in the News section of the homepage.

There is already a discord server to talk about the game, ideas and concepts. Feel free to join this process and be part of it!

Some of the dev logs are published on subreddits to collect important feedback from all of you. As this project is not a small one where details are crucial, it is very important for me that I receive as much feedback (from players, other developers, etc.) as possible to keep the project on track.

Feel free to contact me via email (, on discord or just subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date.

Thanks in advance,