Projekte Neuigkeiten

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find some questions and answers which have been asked quite a few times already...

  • When will the game be ready to play?
    There is no fix release date yet. We plan to release by end of 2022. The 1st closed alpha test has already started.

  • On which platforms will the game be released?
    The game will be published on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC (via Steam). 

  • How will game monetization be on mobile devices?
    There will be NO pay2win strategy at all! We plan to have voluntary ads with small benefits that do not influence gameplay that much and cosmetic IAPs that change optics of your dungeon (room, monsters, traps, furnishings) but do not influence gameplay or any stats.

  • Is this your first game project?
    I am doing game development as a hobby for about 20 years now. Started with Evergore, a fantasy browser game that I developed and maintained myself for 14 years before I handed it over to the community. Since I've been working with Unity I've released several games for iOS and Android. The most famous of these are Heroes and Merchants and The Numzle.

  • What style will the game be?
    The game will be a lowpoly 3D style and you will play dungeons in a 3D perspective. The map editor (where you can build your dungeon) will be shown in orthographic 3D as you have a better view on the map.

  • Will the game have multiplayer?
    Yes, the game will be a multiplayer game as you will play other player's dungeons and be trade items with other players. Other player's dungeons cannot be played in a coop but we already thought about adding a coop mode on top to play harder randomly generated dungeons together with friends.

  • Can the hero be customized?
    Yes, there will be several customizations for your hero. You can choose gender, choose between different face types, hair and facial hair and be able to colorize them. The worn equipment will be shown on your hero too.